S & I Water Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is the leading total water treatment solutions provider in the water treatment industry. The company specializes in the field of water treatment systems such as RO plants, DM plants, Softener Plants, Clarification Systems, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Color Removing Systems etc. and Introducing Automated Package Type Biogas Generation Systems to convert the waste to Energy.

Further, Boiler and Cooling water treatment chemicals, Close cooling and hot water treatment chemicals, Descaling, and machinery cleaning chemicals, RO chemicals, Boiler fireside chemicals, Polyelectrolyte, Ion exchange resins, Chill water treatment chemicals, Paper chemicals, Sugar processing chemicals, Construction Chemicals, petroleum and refinery chemicals, metering pumps are also provided under one roof. Services such as All types of water treatment plants installation, After sales services and performance evaluations, Training programs, Technology transfers, and Consultancy services are provided as well by the company, along with solutions to all Domestic, Industrial, Commercial requirements.

S&I Water Solutions (PVT) Ltd keeps focusing on supply and on-time delivery of the best quality products, and excellent customer care through well-trained staff who have been powered with expert knowledge and experience in the water treatment industry. We have achieved this through a collective effort by all employees by operating as a team, working towards common objectives through adaptation of the best management practices.

The specialized knowledge enables our team to assist our valued customers in a broad spectrum of applications so that, the utmost consumer satisfaction with the most efficient and effective solutions to each requirement is achieved. The company offers clients on-site performance evaluations, an on-site performance-based report providing, knowledge transferring, training, consultancy related to plants and equipment are supplied and installed by the company for their trouble-free, smooth running.


To be the globally most reputed, sustainable solutions provider for water treatment, solid waste management and renewable energy generation.


Customer satisfaction through continuous up-gradation of technologies and on organization committed to quality. In the process, we have become a company with a will to accomplish innovative and challenging tasks.



We are committed to keep our customers at the top and take a greater care of them.


We are committed to develop and maintain S & I Water Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, as the best place to work for the fulfillment of our employees. We will encourage and enhance the career development of each and every employee to be the best ones in the water industry.


We are committed to keep our movements in a sustainable manner all the time.


We will get paid fairly for the value we provide to our valued customers.


Safety is the first priority in both our intentions and actions.


We will provide a significant return on investment for our customers.


We will be loyal to our customers and our employees all the time and will do what we promise them. INNOVATIVE


We are powered by the innovative technical knowledge and experience to fulfill customers’ requirement.


We shall be flexible to meet our customers’ unique needs and develop customized solutions to come up with their goals and objectives.


We will keep motivating our people to take actions towards achieving the utmost level of quality in our products and services we offer to the industry.