Industrial wastewater treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used to treat wastewater that is produced as a by-product of industrial or commercial activities. After treatment, the treated industrial effluent to be essentially reused or safely disposed to the environment. Most industries produce some wastewater although recent trends in the developed world have been to minimize such production or recycle such wastewater within the production process itself. There has been a technological shift towards streamlined systems and processes, which has widened the range of environmental protection possibilities. The ecological focus is now on the preservation of water and multiple uses of wastewater. Effluent treatment plants are designed to treat the effluent coming from various sources that may otherwise to be toxic/ hazardous for the environment. Industrial wastewater itself contains a diversity of impurities, requiring special treatment process. The treatment of different effluents varies with the type of effluent and therefore constitutes different tasks consisting of mechanical, biological, chemical and physical processes.

We offer exhaustive range of effluent treatment plants that efficiently purify the effluent using following processes:

  • Aerobic Biological Process
  • Anaerobic Biological Process
  • Chemical Physical Process


S & I Water Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has a wide range of polyelectrolytes for raw water clarification, effluent treatment, color removal, paint detakification and a range of process application. MAXFLOC range of products offers:

  • Coagulants and Flocculants
  • Dewatering Chemicals
  • Polyelectrolytes
  • De-Coloring Agents
  • pH Adjusters
  • Color removal and Precipitating Agents for Textile Mills